JMC Equity Financing

Joseph Merrill Capital (JMC) arranges debt and equity capital market solutions for commercial real estate Sponsor's of all major asset types in both primary and secondary markets. The JMC Capital Markets Team looks to add value to a Sponsor's financing request by introducing debt and equity financing options that meet the Sponsor’s transaction financing goals.

Joint Venture Equity & Preferred Equity Financing
JMC arranges joint venture and preferred equity financing for owners and operators of commercial real estate assets in need of development financing, asset repositioning, or acquisition financing. Additionally, JMC arranges preferred equity financing for stabilized commercial real estate assets, thereby liquidating or monetizing a portion of the existing joint venture limited partner and co-investment interests without requiring the partnership to dispose of the entire asset in an open market sale. This financing is a useful tool and ideal for commercial real estate property owners of all major asset classes to: (i) provide existing partners with the ability to replace one or more partnership interests without having to sell the entire asset, (ii) recapitalizing an existing asset, and (iii) for partnership resolutions or specific limited partner divestments due to existing investment durations or equity repatriation needs.

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